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    Under the guidance of our clergy and our highly qualified instructors, the Religious School students take a look at the Parsha of the week.

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Rabbi Barry Kenter

Musings Parashat Korach/Rosh Hodesh Tammuz 5777

Korach is the man the rabbis love to hate.  Korach the kvetch.  Korach the complainer.  Korach the demagogue who leads the people on with words, questioning the leadership and authority of Moses and Aaron, uniting four separate and distinct rebellions against Moses and Aaron: Levites against Aaron, Datan and Abiram against Moses, the tribal chieftains against Aaron, and the entire community against Moses and Aaron.

If all of Israel is holy there is no need for priesthood. If, as Moses suggests in last week’s parasha, would that all of Israel were prophets, then there is no need for Moses’ mediation. Problem: prophets are not holy.  Issue seems to be who has access to God.   Who can enter the sacred space? Who prays on behalf of the people?  Who intercedes on their behalf?

All of this seems somewhat arcane and foreign to contemporary readers and listeners. For some two thousand years, from the time of the destruction of the Temples and the cessation of the sacrificial service, the avodah, priestly functions have been moot from its inception and the synagogue has been a fairly democratic institution.  We do not depend upon professional mediators between God and us; we speak to God directly through prayer.  From the time of the destruction of the Temple, when avodah ceased, the sacrificial service was replaced by avodat ha-lev, the service of the heart, prayer. Through prayer we offer ourselves to God.  When the Torah is read, God talks to us; when we pray, we talk to God.  Where we stand before God, there is the sacred space of encounter. (Continued here) 

Learn more about Rabbi Kenter here.

    Cantor Bruce Halev





Rina Cohen Schwarz, Religious School Director


Tina Lobel

Tina Lobel, Nursery School Director





Ann Obsatz, Associate Nursery School Director




Welcome from President Neil Goldstein

Elaine Witkoff

On behalf of Congregation Habonim I am pleased to extend a hearty greeting.  Our mission and goal is to provide a Jewish spiritual home for members and our community and to provide an environment in which we can learn and grow and share important life-cycle events, knowing that we are joined and supported by a caring community in a warm and welcoming environment.


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Adult Education Presentation: Jews in Arab Countries

With Joseph Levy. Joseph Levy was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1957. He and his family left Egypt that same year in what he calls the Second Jewish Exodus from Egypt.  They arrived in the United States in 1958. Mr. Levy grew up in Deal, New Jersey and he received his higher education in New York City, attaining a law degree in 1984. For more than 35 years, Mr. Levy has had a passionate interest in the subject of the Jews from the Arab countries. He considers them to be the forgotten people of the longstanding Arab-Israeli dispute.

Sisterhood Book Club (all invited)

Sisterhood Book Club (all invited)

Women's League of Conservative Judaism Torah Fund Dinner (all invited)

Sisterhood Book Club (all invited)

Sisterhood Book Club (all invited)


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