Community Shabbat Dinner: Defining Our Universal Moral Concern with Joseph Gindi of American Jewish World Service

In a globalized world with seemingly innumerable problems, we each carve out our own scope of moral concern. Join Joe Gindi from American Jewish World Service to explore the factors that shape our own universe of moral obligation. How and why do we prioritize certain people, communities, or issues over others? How do we relate to these priorities? What resources might we find in the in the Jewish tradition to navigate these questions?

Joseph Gindi is the Program Officer for International Education and Jewish Engagement at AJWS, where he is responsible for the creation of Judaic content, including the monthly Just Thought series, and engaging rabbis and North American Jewish communities. Joseph, who hails from the Syrian Jewish community of Deal, New Jersey, is a Jewish educator with over 10 years of experience across the Jewish organizational and denominational landscape. He has master’s degrees in Near Eastern and Judaic studies from Brandeis University and in religious studies from the University of North Carolina, where he wrote his master’s thesis on the use of classical texts in the Jewish environmental movement. Joseph has studied in batei midrash at the Pardes Institute, Mechon Hadar, and The Jewish Theological Seminary.

Date and Time: 
Friday, March 22, 2019 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm