Want to help Habonim carry on tradition while re-energizing Habonim women? Download your Sisterhood Application and join us now!

Our Sisterhood is affiliated with Women's League for Conservative Judaism (WLCJ), which is the umbrella organization for Conservative synagogue women's groups worldwide. Through our association with WLCJ, Habonim Sisterhood members have access to educational, cultural and leadership development programs here at Habonim at 103 West End Avenue, and also beyond the walls of Habonim. 

There is always something new and interesting for us to participate in along with our "sisters" from all over the Metropolitan Area and beyond. For further information, contact Sisterhood Board via email at [email protected]



Torah Fund pins have arrived! 

Torah Fund pins have arrived! If you have already ordered or paid for one, contact Janet Schwartz. If you would like a pin, please send a check for $180, payable to "Torah Fund" to Janet Schwartz in care of Habonim, 103 West End Avenue, NYC 10023. Torah Fund supports the institutions that educate Conservative rabbis, cantors and educators. 







Coming up, 2017 - 2018 (unless noted otherwise, all are invited, and all take place at

Congregation Habonim):

Habonim Sisterhood Board

President - Janet Cord

Immediate Past President/Financial Secretary - Amy Kargauer

Treasurer - Linda Salomon Torah Fund Chair - Janet Schwartz
VP, Programming - Vicki Brown VP, Membership - Karen Krieger
Recording Secretary - Abigal Schlaff Corresponding Secretary - Mindy Sickle


At Large Board Members

Deena Ecker Elisa Milkes  Ellie Schaffer


Honorary Sisterhood Board Members

Eva Bergmann Renate Elias z'l"
Marianne Falkenstein Lilo Grant
Lotte Marshall Landes Hanna Lewin z'l"
Lore Mayer z'l" Grace Neumark
Hilda Bondi z'l" Marga Walter z'l"